Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The trip from Heck....

What a trip! Planning my trip to Hawaii was so much easier than getting here.

I spent the evening with my brother and his family in Chandler. They have a new house and it is really gorgeous. They are really very happy and I am glad to see them that way. He deserves being happy and where he is in his life.

Ok, back to the trip from hell. Yes, I said hell. First off, I get a call from Delta airlines saying that my flight to LAX was delayed by an hour and my flight from LAX to Honolulu was delayed too. Ok, So I'll get to Hawaii at 10pm. I get to Sky Harbor Airport, check my luggage (will someone please teach me to pack light??) I get on the plane and we are off to LAX. Now I’m getting excited.

We get to LAX no problem. I check in and see there is a first class seat available from LAX to Hawaii, for a cost - of course - so I figure what the heck. I get on the plane and wow - first class is really great. Bigger seats, hot towels to wash your hands with, free drinks - big whoop - soda for me. Snacks right away, a blanket gee so this is how the other half lives.

We are all loaded the doors close and ready to go, er so we thought. Some lady decides she wants to get off the airplane. Huh? Yes, she wants off. Big commotion, screaming, yelling - so the airport security comes on board and escorts her off the plane. Now they need to retrieve her luggage. Ok, now for the math. There is 300 plus people on the plane - each with 2 bags a piece some with 3, the authorities now have to go through 600 plus pieces of luggage to locate hers. They go through once - they didn’t find it. Now the Police are involved and the feds too, off comes the luggage AGAIN! Still, they don’t find it. Hmm, Now it’s been about 4 hours and people are getting restless and rude. Me, I’m having fun, hey I’m in first class, I can play games on the little hand held dillybopper they have given me, I can watch a movie, I have a great seat mate- Tyrone, and we are having a blast, laughing, telling other passengers that his feet stink....really - they were really really stinky - and he says he fly’s first class all the time, apparently even the rich need to be reminded of personal hygiene. Now a lady comes up to our part of the cabin (now I’m talking like I have been flying first class all my life...hahaha) This lady is crying, says she needs to get off, she’s wailing and says she’s going nuts being held hostage in the plane, this is not fair. Poor girl, I really felt bad for her....until she blurts out "I really need to have a cigarette". We, my first class people and I are stunned. Compassion just went out the window. It’s sad to see where people are addicted to something and to see them crumble when they are forced to stop getting their "fix". Anyway, we are told we can do one of two things - 1 - get off the plane - everyone claims their own luggage so it is all accounted for, but then we would have to say the night in LA and leave at 7am. OR 2 just wait for the TSA to finish their investigation and we MAY get out tonight. I’m into hanging out on the plane, the service is wonderful. So after 5 hours we are finally taxing out to the runway. So we thought...we sit 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes....ok now this is getting to be a bummer to me. I text a few friends and that goodness my friend Michelle reminds me - the universe has you where you are to protect you. My anxiety is gone and I agree, I’m not in control and I submit to the situation. Just as I say a quiet prayer for the words of wisdom....we are off!!!! We land in Hawaii at 2:30 am - 5:30 Tucson time. Yawwwnnn....I share a cab with these two guys and get to my condo...and I fall into bed.. I’m looking forward to seeing where I am tomorrow. Gosh....I’m in Hawaii!


Nancy said...

YAY!!!! Kerri is in Hawaii!!!! I'm so glad you finally got there! You didn't say anything about being in first class when you texted me... I was imagining you sitting between to huge guys who were spilling popcorn on you being squished while babies cried in your ears. Anyway, I'm glad you got there and hope you update again soon!

Sande said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kerri,Happy Birthday to you!!! Hey Chica..... no entry since the third????Get with it! Miss you Love,Sande