Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 30, 2007

So many things have happened since my last entry. I've been staying with Summer in her apartment for the last couple of weeks.

I had the opportunity to see my cousin Brigette from Florida last week. She flew into Phoenix to pick up her niece Amity and nephew Sean and take them back to Florida for vacation. We got to see her Aunt Diane and Grandma Drye. Then we drove to St. John's to see her Grandpa Tillman, (My Uncle). Then we drove back to Phoenix. We were hoping she was going to get on an early morning flight back to Orlando, but as chance has it, she got stuck in Phoenix for 4 days. That's flying stand-by for you.

Then I attended the Creative Memories Annual Retreat. I really enjoyed myself with my creative friends. Nancy Jensen, Mona Boice, Reesa Gresham, Valerie Fritz, Denise Willcoxson and newcomers, Darcy and Joy. We spent 52 hours together, creating scrapbook albums, laughing and relaxing. This was my third year with this group and I can't wait to come back to next years retreat. I would have posted a picture, but, Nancy hasn't sent them to me yet...hint hint!!

As for where I am right now. I am sitting in my brother's new house here in Chandler. The weather is 114 degrees outside right now. So everyone is inside, and we are having "quiet time". It is so good to see him and his family. He is so very happy and his wife is truly a blessing to our family.

Tomorrow I leave for my month in Hawaii. Wow, tomorrow. I have really no idea of what to expect, just a blank slate in my life waiting to be filled with happy memories. Thanks to everyone who took the time to say good-bye and good luck. It really meant a lot to me. And to all my other friends. Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you, let's keep in touch. You have my e-mail address - to write ok?


Kerri Lynn

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