Friday, March 12, 2010

A whole new world.

Gosh, it's been 2 years since I've written on this blog. So much has happened. Let me give the abbreviated version.

2008 - Still in Colorado - worked for a temp service and they placed me with a CPA firm. The job was pretty routine until the assignment was over in early 2009. In the meanwhile I worked on the weekends at Costco as a "demonstration lady", you know the one's that hand out the food samples? I really enjoyed working with my boss David. So when my job ended with the CPA firm, the demonstration company offered me a part-time job as a Supervisor. It was a job and beats being totally unemployed. This job proved to be challenging as I learned to supervise 40 people in age ranging from 20 to 82.

In February 2009, I met the most wonderful man. We met at a restaurant and spent the next 3 hours just talking. He didn't call me for 3 days and I thought he wasn't interested. Then he called me and asked me out - for Valentine's Day. He picked me up and took me to downtown Denver, where we met up with a couple of his Dog Show friends. We went to a Peruvian Restaurant and went to a Comedy Club afterwards. He bought me a couple beautiful yellow roses and we had a wonderful time. I even liked his friends - especially this crazy lady - Terri. She's a hairdresser and a hoot!

Scott and I began dating - he took me so many places! I got to see so much of Colorado. He took me fly fishing, hiking, camping, to see the Rocky Mountains and hockey games. Our courtship has been wonderful. In November 2009, we made a trip to Florida to see his son play hockey and to visit my cousins Brigette and Stanley. While we were there, on Coco Beach, we were married. It was a nice - small - perfect ceremony at sunset. We live in Littleton, Colorado with his Portuguese Water Dog - Figo.

Move forward to 2010 - Summer was married on January 16, 2010 to a wonderful man, Gabriel. They had the most beautiful ceremony at La Mariposa in Tucson Arizona. I will post pictures as soon as I get some. Meanwhile, I have a new job - I work as an Education Coordinator for R. Stafford - a distributor of high end hair care products. Products such as: Paul Mitchell, Eufora, Alfaparf, Rene Furterer, Onesta, Kevin Murphy. Take a moment to look some of these up on the Internet and you'll get the gist of what it's all about. It's just shampoo - a multi-million dollar industry. It's really a great job, I get to coordinate Hair Shows, Fashion Shows and travel.

So that's what I've been up to and I will post pictures as time allows. I hope you have enjoyed reading.