Friday, March 12, 2010

A whole new world.

Gosh, it's been 2 years since I've written on this blog. So much has happened. Let me give the abbreviated version.

2008 - Still in Colorado - worked for a temp service and they placed me with a CPA firm. The job was pretty routine until the assignment was over in early 2009. In the meanwhile I worked on the weekends at Costco as a "demonstration lady", you know the one's that hand out the food samples? I really enjoyed working with my boss David. So when my job ended with the CPA firm, the demonstration company offered me a part-time job as a Supervisor. It was a job and beats being totally unemployed. This job proved to be challenging as I learned to supervise 40 people in age ranging from 20 to 82.

In February 2009, I met the most wonderful man. We met at a restaurant and spent the next 3 hours just talking. He didn't call me for 3 days and I thought he wasn't interested. Then he called me and asked me out - for Valentine's Day. He picked me up and took me to downtown Denver, where we met up with a couple of his Dog Show friends. We went to a Peruvian Restaurant and went to a Comedy Club afterwards. He bought me a couple beautiful yellow roses and we had a wonderful time. I even liked his friends - especially this crazy lady - Terri. She's a hairdresser and a hoot!

Scott and I began dating - he took me so many places! I got to see so much of Colorado. He took me fly fishing, hiking, camping, to see the Rocky Mountains and hockey games. Our courtship has been wonderful. In November 2009, we made a trip to Florida to see his son play hockey and to visit my cousins Brigette and Stanley. While we were there, on Coco Beach, we were married. It was a nice - small - perfect ceremony at sunset. We live in Littleton, Colorado with his Portuguese Water Dog - Figo.

Move forward to 2010 - Summer was married on January 16, 2010 to a wonderful man, Gabriel. They had the most beautiful ceremony at La Mariposa in Tucson Arizona. I will post pictures as soon as I get some. Meanwhile, I have a new job - I work as an Education Coordinator for R. Stafford - a distributor of high end hair care products. Products such as: Paul Mitchell, Eufora, Alfaparf, Rene Furterer, Onesta, Kevin Murphy. Take a moment to look some of these up on the Internet and you'll get the gist of what it's all about. It's just shampoo - a multi-million dollar industry. It's really a great job, I get to coordinate Hair Shows, Fashion Shows and travel.

So that's what I've been up to and I will post pictures as time allows. I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

December 2007

Merry Christmas! December 2007

So much has happened to me this year, I felt a Christmas letter was the best way to bring everyone up to date on “Kerri’s Grand Adventure.”

The year started off with me working for the CPA firm and dreading another tax season. So I moved on and decided to make some life altering decisions. But first, I was going skiing. WRONG MOVE….I ended up skiing for a week and on the last day I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus on my left leg. BUMMER. Thank goodness Cece and Sande from the salon were with me. Sande didn’t leave my side while I laid there on the mountain while Cece went to get the Ski Patrol. The ride down was cool. I wanted to go again! And I am so thankful for my cousins coming to pick me up at the ski lodge taking care of me in Pinetop.

While I was recovering, I was invited to visit my cousin’s in Florid. So I was off again. What a wonderful place to visit in the spring time! They took me to see Cape Canaveral, Sea World, the beach and the Atlantic Ocean, Gator, ton’s of Gator and we even went deep-sea fishing. During this time I decided to sell my house and move – somewhere – anywhere, Florida, Montana Alaska (I hear there’s a lot of single man there), Colorado maybe. But I wanted to get out of Tucson, I have lived there since I was 4 and it was time to move on.

I had surgery on my left knee on April 11, 2007. My house went on the market April 30, 2007. I was showing my house while I lay in bed recuperating....a funny story. Sometimes I would be in bed and put the covers over my head while people walked around me and some didn’t even notice me. (Nosey neighbors!) My house sold in 37 days and we closed on June 6th. That was really good timing because the market went down AFTER I sold the townhouse.

I moved in with Summer for a couple of weeks then made my way to Hawaii. Yup, Hawaii. I spent the month of July there and truly loved the island life and the people, one in particular, oh those island boys (grin, wink wink). Summer came out to visit me for a week and we had a blast. She went diving with the sharks; we parasailed, snorkeled, went to Luau’s, got lost, and ate pineapple and coconuts. We toured the island, visited Pearl Harbor, went on a dinner cruise, but most of all had a real vacation, just us girls.

I went back to Tucson and packed up my little car and headed north. My plan was to tour the country, but I stopped in Littleton, Colorado to visit my good friend’s Maggie and Patrick. Their hospitality was so nice well, here I am. Didn’t get very far. However, I love the little town of Littleton and really like the city of Denver. There is so much to do and see. The snow is a little nerve-racking, but I am getting used to it and learning how to get unstuck in the snow.

I am working in Downtown Denver, taking the train to and from work. Enjoying the Live Theater, Concerts, Parades, The Ballet and Musicals. It is so different from Tucson, cooler, a lot cooler and I like what I am doing. The people I have met are nice and every day is a new adventure. I’m glad I moved, and who knows, I may come back to Tucson! (To visit)

I have enclosed a card with my new phone number and temporary address (I plan on buying a house, IF I survive the winter…lol). Also, check out my blog!

Best Wishes to all and Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Kerri Lynn

Monday, November 5, 2007

November 2007

Happy November! It’s time for my monthly update.

First off, let me say, I still love Colorado. We had a “light dusting” of snow a couple of weeks ago. It was on a Sunday morning and I was like a little kid. In fact, you would probably have a hard time telling us apart that morning. We jumped out of bed and started getting dressed as fast as we could so we could go outside and play. The two dogs were running around like crazy, Kailyn and I were playing tossing snowballs and watching the dogs chase each other around. It was great big flakes and so clean and white. Patrick started the wood stove and we warmed up and enjoyed watching the snow fall that morning. By that afternoon, it was sunny, the roads were clear and it was warming up. Reminded me of Tucson and how it’ll snow that morning and be clear by 11am. Who knew the first snow would be so much fun for me. Ask me how I like the snow come January and it maybe a different story.

I am still looking for a job. My temp assignment at the Law Firm ended and that left me bummed out. But as things would have it, the temp agency found me another job. The funny part is, it is in the same building downtown, just on the 8th floor. I really like this job too and it may turn into something permanent.

Now, working in Downtown Denver is an experience that one must experience to enjoy living in a big city. They have a Light Rail System that runs all around the city and leads to popular places like Downtown Denver, Coors Field (Where the Rockies lost the World Series), Invesco Field (Where the Broncos lose, a lot ) . Well on my route from Littleton to Downtown Denver, I see some pretty cool things. I drive to the RTD parking lot (this is free!) I need to get there early so I can get a parking spot so I arrive around 6:45am.....yes folks, you heard it here first, I get up before the chickens now....quit laughing! Ok so I walk up to this cute little coffee shop called “Romancing the Bean” it’s in the old train station and is so quaint. Then I head down the stairs to purchase my ticket. Ok this is better than parking in downtown Denver, parking can cost from $10 to $20 dollars a day, no wonder this form of public transportation is so well received. So, I’m standing on the platform, in the dark, in the cold, with 50 or so other people who are carrying backpacks. I’m the only one without a backpack. I have my purse and a plastic bag from the grocery store with my lunch in it. I gotta look into getting me a backpack. Ok so here comes the train, cute little thing - four cars, plenty of room for standing, I’ve done that a few times, but as luck would have it, there’s a seat and I’m going to get it. The seats aren’t that comfy, its just a short ½ hour commute but I am riding backwards. Doesn’t do too well for the equilibrium, gotta see where I am going . Ok our first stop is the wonderful City of Sheridan, big whoop, my car got paint balled here a few weeks ago, thats why I changed stops. Our next stop is Englewood Civic Center, here they have some wonderful sculptures out front. There’s a big, huge parking lot and this is where most of the passengers get on board. Toot Toot! Next stop, Evans, ah, just a cute little stop nothing fancy, just some old homes to look at, and the architecture in this city is amazing. No flat roofs, no adobe, nothing ugly like that - just brick and angled roofs, with cute windows, really old fashioned homes. Now as we proceed to the next stop, you can look to your left and see the football stadium. By the looks of it, this place is made of all metal. Hmmm, with my experience with metal, it gets really hot and retains the heat, but in the cold, it retains the cold. Who’s dumb idea was it to make a stadium out of metal. I don’t’ think I’ll be visiting it anytime soon, unless the Bronco’s decide to show up and win a game. Ok the next few stops aren’t so interesting since they take us under the highway and around the corner to Denver Community College, this is where most of the kids get off to go to school. Next is the Denver Convention Center and Performing Arts, on this part of the trip you see some incredible sculptures, one looks like a stack of yellow french fries, another looks like a curly Q, there is a pair of huge people dancing, then we turn the corner and my favorite, a big blue bear looking into the Convention Center. We pass Bubba Gump’s and on into downtown. Here, there are people bundled up, walking at a hurried pace headed to their offices, Starbucks in hand and even though the pace is so fast, they have time to smile and maybe say a kind word, or even joke about how dark it is or how darn cold that wind is today. When you ride public transportation, I feel it brings people together, you meet nice people riding next to someone for a ½ an hour. Or you can listen to some pretty funny conversations too. All in all, I like working in Downtown Denver.

To sum things up, I also got an apartment. It’s a little hole in the wall, but it was time for me to be on my own again. I appreciate everything that Maggie and Patrick did for me. But I’m too old to be hanging around a young married couple with a six year old. I have raised my daughter, I have had my own experiences having a marriage and family. I didn’t want to over stay my welcome, so out into the world I go. It isn’t a fancy apartment and by some standards it’s pretty ghetto looking, but its home and I can afford this place and maybe I can even save some money so I can buy a house next year. My biggest brag about this place is that I GOT CABLE!! And I get to have the remote!! The biggest part, I DON”T HAVE TO WATCH SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS anymore!

So life is good and I’m having fun being independent again. Oh, I also changed my number to a Colorado number, it’s looks better on my resume, so if you’d like it, just e-mail me and I’ll be happy to give it to you along with my new address.

Take care all! And have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Kerri Lynn

Monday, October 15, 2007

Home again - GO ROCKIES!

I am back from my visit to Tucson. I must say that Tucson was nice to visit but it's always good to be home. It's a wonderful 50 degrees with the sun shining and warming things up nicely. The Rocky Mountains have a beautiful dusting of snow on the peaks and I am in Heaven!

I want to thank everyone who made time for me while I was there. My daughter, who had no choice...I love you my daughter. I know I must have stressed you out and I guess that's just part of growing up. (Mom's have a way of doing that, we can't help it). You have done such a great job in tending to your house, work and relationships. Your little dog Spartacus is so funny and loving.

My BFF Donna and her family, thanks for not letting me go Sunday and having me over for dinner. We did a great deal of laughing about current events and past experiences. I had a great visit. I am so glad I have had you in my life for the last couple decades. Yes, I said decades, it sounds so much better than saying 30 years. Your daughter is such a sweet young lady and is a joy to be around.

My life coach, Michelle. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your contribution to my life. My life is so much better with you in it and I am right on track with my new life goals. Thank you for having me at your home and introducing me to you pets, yes....even the slimy, slinky, green snake. And yes, if I were to live in Tucson, we would work on that too!

Cece, Sande and Pam! Oh my gosh, it was so nice to see you girls! I definately want you gals to come up and visit! There are alot of places to ski here in Colorado, I just won't be able to join you on the slopes. But, I know when you do come up, we WILL have a blast.

Peter, you will always be a "rock" for me. It was so nice to see you and to hear how your kids are doing. I can't believe that Jackie is graduating next year! It was nice to hear about your annivesary trip to Italy. That will definately be one place I will visit. I liked you shirt you were wearing. For years when you told me where you worked, I thought you said you worked for "Mr. Beir" not Mr Beer! I thought it was a guy!!! What a dope I am! Now I know where you are! Give my love to Jane and the girls!

Sherri and Christine! My partners in higher finance! Congratulations Sherri on your promotion and move to the office closer to home. You deserve the shorter commute! And I bet you bring a little life to your new office. Christine, you are such a beautiful woman! I am happy for you and your relationship! I'll let you know when I start looking for a house here in the Denver area.

Just a few thank yous for your hospitality, Gram Scheeler, you are so cute and I love to hear your stories.

Ted, Juliet and Linnea! Thanks for a wonderful dinner and I had so much fun playing with your beautiful daughter.

Jessica and Nancy, breakfast was nice and it was fun to catch up with each other.

Nancy, Mona, Reesa, Samantha, Valerie, Darcy and all the other scrapbookers! It was so cool to see you guys for the Great Gatherings! Keep on scrapping girls, I'm still trying to find a group here in Denver. You'd think they'd be all over the place, but I can't find anyone!

Finally, Aidin and Jenny. Oh my goodness, Jenny, your little boy is such a sweetheart! You are such a good mother and have such a darling little guy. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again soon!

Ok, take care everyone and I'll write again soon!

Kerri Lynn

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm loving life!

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog. However, life is so good in Colorado. I LOVE IT HERE! There is something about this place that has given me a new lease on life. Whether it is the family who has "adopted" me or the fact that it is somewhere new, I am not sure. I am feeling so good about the choices I have made and no doubt, it, I am very happy.

A little about my "family" in Colorado. Pat and Maggie, they have a cute little 6-year-old daughter, Kailyn. She is such a little ball of fire, and definitely a light in my life. Pat and Maggie have included me in so much of their lives, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to them in helping my plans come to light. We all share in the daily household chores, taking care of the dogs, helping Kailyn in her schoolwork, whether it is her spelling words or taking turns reading to her at bedtime. Maggie is such a good friend, she never says anything negative about anyone, she always gives you the benefit of the doubt if you say something and mean something else. (One of my biggest problems, open mouth and insert foot). She is supportive, kind and is a delight to be around. Patrick is fun, he is all boy. Because of him, I have learned to enjoy watching NASCAR, MLB, NFL and Drag Car racing....Get well John Force!!! We have fun on the weekends watching football and have been a football pool where I work. We have not won yet, but I think this week is going better than others for us.

Work. I spent the first few weeks looking for a job and I was working at the Olive Garden. It seemed like a nice place to work, and I even enjoyed it. Things just did not work out for me, I did not like the staff coming in the back and saying F this and F that and the Managers would turn a deaf ear or blind eye to things happening around them. There was so much chaos. One time I was walking to the dish room and got caught in the middle of a water fight between the dishwashers and one of the food servers. Let me tell you, that water was HOT. And I was soaked and still had guests to take care of in the dining room. Therefore, after hurling around 40+ pound trays, listening to people complain and finding out this was normal. I decided it was not for me.

I called the temporary agency, which Maggie had worked for when she first moved to Denver and was placed in a temporary job right away. Currently I am working for a law firm in downtown Denver. I get to ride the "Light Rail" to the downtown area. This is great, I can spend a 1/2 hour reading or listening to music instead of getting stressed out driving downtown. Downtown Denver is huge. You would have to take 20 of Tucson's downtown area to make Denver's. The buildings are so tall, most of the men are in suits and ties, and I love a man in a suit! There are messengers riding their 10 speeds delivering paperwork to all sorts of offices. The hustle and bustle is great, and unbelievably, people are nice. If you are lost, people are happy to help you find your way. People say hello in the elevators, the bank tellers seem to take notice if you come back and they recognize you. I took a week off from this assignment to come to Tucson to get some of my "Winter Clothes".

Therefore, that should bring me current. I am in Tucson visiting my friends and staying with my daughter, Summer. I am enjoying my grand-dog, Spartacus. I had a wonderful dinner with Jimmy, Donna and Ashley. I hope to see more friends this week and then it's back to Denver. From what I hear, we should be getting a "light dusting" of snow while I am gone. I cannot wait to see the snow!

I will write more later! Love to all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting Settled In

I know its been a while since I've updated my blog. A lot has happened. My visit to Washington, DC ended wonderfully. I met a lot of wonderful people and had so much fun. I did have one problem. I started to have a toothache. This toothache was under my new cap. hmm...this is beginning to hurt..bad. Ok, onward. I get back to Denver and there is my friend, Maggie waiting for me. It's so good to see her again. The next day I am not feeling too well, so I find a dentist and make an appointment for Wednesday. I spend the day with Kailyn and she is a hoot. (Kailyn is Maggie's daughter) When I wake up Wednesday Morning the right side of my face is swollen. I should have taken a picture, but I was in so much pain, I couldn't even think. I get to the dentist and I can't even think very well. But I know I heard the dentist say, my new dental work I had done 2 months ago was not in properly and that is why I have a cavity. She has to drill through the bridge to give me a root canal. Please, do it, help yourself....I look like Quasimoto now. The procedure is done and I have a script for antibiotic and vicodin. The next day, I am still swollen and feeling like doo doo. By Friday, I am feeling better, almost human. That night we went to see Patrick (Maggie's husband) race at the local raceway. This was nice, it was a little chilly! Which is a great relief since it has been hot since I got here on Monday. (And they don't have central air or swamp cooling). By Saturday morning I was feeling really good. I spent the day driving around, checking out the area. On Sunday I went to Church and met a wonderful new ward. They are just like the ward in Tucson, friendly and very welcoming. On Monday I had a meeting with a temp agency, did all the formalities and registered. I hope they call with something good. I also have an opportunity to work at the Olive Garden, I would love to be a food server, as a change of pace, and get out of the secretary rut.
Life has been good, with its ups and downs but all in all when I think about the changes I have made in my life I feel good about everything. I do miss my old house, sitting outside at the picnic table, playing with Spartacus and enjoying the morning sunshine. (Right now it wouldn't be comfortable, but in the fall it was really nice.) But when I get on the computer and look at homes here in the Denver area, I get a little excited about the idea of starting over. Picking out a place on my own, not a place my ex picked out for me, but my decision. I also miss my daughter, Summer. We do talk often, but I miss her company daily and the way we would goof around. But I know she's just a phone call away. She once told me that I was more than just a mom, but her best friend. I feel the same way. I am so blessed to have her in my life, her young insightful counsel and her way that she can talk to me. I hope I bless her life also. Kiddo, If you are reading this, I love you and am so proud of what you have done with your life. Keep up the good work and know that I, too, am only a phone call away. Ok enough for now. If you want my new mailing address, please leave a comment and I will send it to you. I don't want to publish it publicly, but will look forward to hearing from you.
Love to all!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

National Indian Pow Wow - Washington, DC

The National Pow Wow has begun. What an awsome sight. Hundreds of natives in their traditional, and some not so traditional dress, dancing in celebration of one Nation. They have the honor guard of Ira Hayes, Pima Indian, who participated in putting up the flag in Iwo Jima, the Native American Veterans Honor Guard, the traditional Native American Honor Guard, gosh, so many honor guards and so many flags, I can't name them all. The ceremony started off with dancing of the "golden" dancers. Better known as senior sector. These seasoned dancers were very elegant and sure footed, maybe a little slower than the next two groups, but still beautiful. The next group, the adult dancers, followed by the teen group then the tiny tots. They have 10 groups of drummers competing also. There are certain songs each group must know and master, all in different languages. The sound is so beautiful. After dinner we were honored by 5 of the original Navajo Code Talkers. They didn't speak, but most of us were able to go up and meet them and shake their hands. I found out that these men were sworn to secrecy for 23 years about their mission as code talkers and couldn't even tell their families until 1968. We were told about the only time that the American Flag was captured, not by another country, but by a Nation on it's own soil. By the Indians at Little Big Horn, pretty cool, huh. They gave tribute to Lori Piestewa, the first woman to be killed in war. They did a long tribute to her. She was from Tuba City, just a little way from my village, Moenkopi. There are lots of vendors with jewelry, baskets, pottery, clothing and food. I met a man from White River who knows some of my uncles. He will be dancing Saturday with the Apache War Dancers. This will be a treat to see since I haven't seen this type of dance since my grandfather was alive. So much to learn, and I have only stratched the surface. More tomorrow!

Kerri Lynn