Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm loving life!

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog. However, life is so good in Colorado. I LOVE IT HERE! There is something about this place that has given me a new lease on life. Whether it is the family who has "adopted" me or the fact that it is somewhere new, I am not sure. I am feeling so good about the choices I have made and no doubt, it, I am very happy.

A little about my "family" in Colorado. Pat and Maggie, they have a cute little 6-year-old daughter, Kailyn. She is such a little ball of fire, and definitely a light in my life. Pat and Maggie have included me in so much of their lives, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to them in helping my plans come to light. We all share in the daily household chores, taking care of the dogs, helping Kailyn in her schoolwork, whether it is her spelling words or taking turns reading to her at bedtime. Maggie is such a good friend, she never says anything negative about anyone, she always gives you the benefit of the doubt if you say something and mean something else. (One of my biggest problems, open mouth and insert foot). She is supportive, kind and is a delight to be around. Patrick is fun, he is all boy. Because of him, I have learned to enjoy watching NASCAR, MLB, NFL and Drag Car racing....Get well John Force!!! We have fun on the weekends watching football and have been a football pool where I work. We have not won yet, but I think this week is going better than others for us.

Work. I spent the first few weeks looking for a job and I was working at the Olive Garden. It seemed like a nice place to work, and I even enjoyed it. Things just did not work out for me, I did not like the staff coming in the back and saying F this and F that and the Managers would turn a deaf ear or blind eye to things happening around them. There was so much chaos. One time I was walking to the dish room and got caught in the middle of a water fight between the dishwashers and one of the food servers. Let me tell you, that water was HOT. And I was soaked and still had guests to take care of in the dining room. Therefore, after hurling around 40+ pound trays, listening to people complain and finding out this was normal. I decided it was not for me.

I called the temporary agency, which Maggie had worked for when she first moved to Denver and was placed in a temporary job right away. Currently I am working for a law firm in downtown Denver. I get to ride the "Light Rail" to the downtown area. This is great, I can spend a 1/2 hour reading or listening to music instead of getting stressed out driving downtown. Downtown Denver is huge. You would have to take 20 of Tucson's downtown area to make Denver's. The buildings are so tall, most of the men are in suits and ties, and I love a man in a suit! There are messengers riding their 10 speeds delivering paperwork to all sorts of offices. The hustle and bustle is great, and unbelievably, people are nice. If you are lost, people are happy to help you find your way. People say hello in the elevators, the bank tellers seem to take notice if you come back and they recognize you. I took a week off from this assignment to come to Tucson to get some of my "Winter Clothes".

Therefore, that should bring me current. I am in Tucson visiting my friends and staying with my daughter, Summer. I am enjoying my grand-dog, Spartacus. I had a wonderful dinner with Jimmy, Donna and Ashley. I hope to see more friends this week and then it's back to Denver. From what I hear, we should be getting a "light dusting" of snow while I am gone. I cannot wait to see the snow!

I will write more later! Love to all.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed you. Call me if you get a chance.
Your MK friend, Dina

Nancy said...

Hey Kerri,
It was fun going to lunch with you and Summer. Jess and I had a blast! I was glad that you and Summer came to my scrapbooking event. It was fun to meet Ashley too.

I'm glad you are doing so well in Colorado! Give Maggie ((hugs)) for me.