Monday, August 6, 2007

Leaving Tucson

I made it to New Mexico! I started this part of my journey on Sunday, August 5. It was hard to say good bye to my close friends, Cece, Sande, Jessica, Nancy and Family. My ward family, Martha, Ted, Juliet and Linnea, Bishop Willis, Emily Evans, Emily, Tim and baby, Keri Lee and family - good luck to them in Hawaii, you'll love it! I love you all and appreciate all the best wishes you gave me. The hardest good bye was with my best friend of almost 30 years, Donna, sorry I lost it, I didn't mean to cry so hard.....I love you my friend and we will stay in touch, always. And now my daughter, you have grown into such a wonderful young woman. Your successes have always made me happy and proud to be your mother. I know you will be fine and you have plenty of people to call on if you need anything. I am blessed to have such good friends. I love you my daughter and I know I will see you soon. OK enough of the mushy stuff, on to the trip.

I left Sunday afternoon and made it to Chandler to visit with my brother and his family. I got there just in time for dinner. Alba is a good cook. We had a nice visit then off to bed, Ashley has to be at school (Zero hour - Seminary) at 6:20 am. So we were up early, Ashley woke me up at 5:15 am. For those of you who know me - I am not a morning person. Everyone is up and happy, this is such a happy family - morning people....hmf. I left the house around 6:30am, just in time for the Phoenix rush hour. Needless to say it took me a while to get out of Phoenix. I stopped to see my cousin Richard in Chambers/Saunders off of I-40 past Winslow. I spent a while with him. Then I just played tourist and stopped off at trading posts here and there. I finally got to Albuquerque (It rained off and on) and had dinner with my cousin then headed off to Las Vegas, New Mexico. So this is where I will sleep here tonight and head out to Denver in the morning. As long as I don't mess around I should be there by noon. Then I leave for Washington, DC on Wednesday morning to attend the National Pow Wow. Kewl. More later!



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